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Messr. · Moony

Doth the moon care for the barking of a dog?

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I feel very calm. Never have I felt this calm before. Except maybe that other time...
calm calm
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All that you think you know about Remus John Lupin has been for naught. James and Sirius, I hate to disappoint you so, as I know you both believe I'm really adopted and that my biological parents were an Encyclopedia and a Dictionary or some such nonsense. However, I have failed a Potions exam. Don't ask me why, don't ask me how, but I have. And now I'll be retiring to the library and probably later the dungeons so as to imbed this knowledge that I currently don't possess into my head.

In other news, knickers should come with a warranty.

That is all.

annoyed annoyed
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Lily, do remind me again what exactly we're doing for these Defense classes? I've been a tad distracted lately and I honestly had forgotten that was even coming up until you mentioned it in the library. Of course, I'll be there and all. I'm not bailing or anything, I just...don't know exactly what my role is. You know I like DADA and I'll gladly do whatever needs doing.

Just let me know, alright?

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So disappointing. Everyone seems so down lately. Of course, things aren't pleasant right now, and we've been banned from doing just about anything amusing for the sake of safety, but now things are downright boring. In times of hardship and uncertainty, it's important that we force ourselves to rise above it and have the best damn time we can with what we're given. Sure we can't play or watch Quidditch or go to Hogsmeade or ride brooms or...do much aside from breathe...but there's got to be something we can do to break the monotony.

Maybe we should put on a play or something. Everytime I read The Importance of Being Earnest, I think to myself how much of James and Sirius I see in Jack and Algernon. And I strongly believe Lily would agree with me, assuming she's read the play.

Either way, hang out with me, someone! Prongs is lost in his thoughts lately, Padfoot is lost in the woods I imagine, and Wormtail is probably in the girls' shower again. somewhere other than here. Needless to say, I'm bored. And if I have to count the off-colored stones on the wall beside my bed one more time, I may have to be brought back from insanity. 11, by the way.
silly silly
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I received a letter today from my mum. She said that a former friend of my father's was a convicted Death Eater, which isn't too surprising actually, hence the "former friend" part. But this bloke actually had the audacity to accuse my father of conspiring with him! So there was an investigation, but my dad came out alright, and any and all charges against him were dropped. But the whole thing just makes me so mad. Things are much worse out there than it seems, being at school all the time. Former friend or no, you really don't know who you can and cannot trust. Though it's a relief I was at school during the whole ordeal; I might have made it worse had I been there...

Hearing from Mum and thinking about my parents so much made me a little homesick, so I made myself some cinnamon toast this evening before writing this entry. My mother used to make it for me all the time when I was little.

distressed distressed
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[Private to Marauders]
Full moon this Saturday.
I'm beginning to feel slightly ill. Don't be surprised if I miss class on Friday. I'm feeling rather lethargic and somewhat dizzy. Reading Snape's recent writings certainly doesn't help

I think I'll go to bed early the next couple nights.

tired tired
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I'm bored out of my mind. And for a werewolf with animagus friends, that's saying a lot. Prongs? Padfoot? Wormtail? Someone do something.
bored bored
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Well, I finally found my journal. It's not so much that I lost it, but that I had actually kind of forgotten about it altogether. That's what O.W.L.s do to you, I suppose. Had way too much on my mind. By the way, how did everyone do on their O.W.L.s? I did fine on mine, I guess. I didn't do poorly, at least. But I hope everyone gets classes they're halfway satisfied with.

[Private to Prongs, Padfoot, and Wormtail]
I've got something you'll like. My dad and I found a boggart hiding in our grandfather clock, and somehow I convinced him to let me keep it for awhile to practice on, y'know? Well, I've brought it to school, believe it or not. Don't ask me how I managed it; it wasn't easy. But I brought it because I had a feeling Prongs and Padfoot would enjoy coming up with something amusing to use it for. Possibly something Snivellus-related, or perhaps not. Although, I am a prefect and providing you with fodder for your pranks isn't exactly something I should really be doing, so please don't tell anyone you got the thing from me, alright?

Well, I'll write more later, but for now I'm pretty tired. Full moon in a couple days... I hope everyone had a great summer, and I'll see you all soon.

tired tired
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1) Is it green, purple, red, or blue?
Red, or possibly blue.

2) Your nose.

3) Ever kissed a chicken?
A chicken?

4) Do you have a sexy
Not really, I don't think.

5) Do you motivate through fear or guilt?
Actually, I might.

6) What deep, dark secret do you have that if it ever got out would
make you crawl under a rock for a decade or two?
Well. I couldn't really tell you.

How special of you.

8) What would you like to do to the person who tagged you
to take this survey?
Go grab a firewhiskey butterbeer with him.

9) Tag a pile of people and
guilt trip them into taking this survey too and spread the confusion and the
shame as they attempt the ridiculous.
Andromeda and Julie.

10) Now go crawl under a
rock where decent people don't have to look at you, you chicken kisser!
Again, a chicken?
calm calm
Listening to:
the tranquil scratching of quills
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So I was thinking maybe I'd start a study group. I used to be a part of one, but we disbanded somehow. I guess most people aren't really into studying. So maybe I'd better do it by myself. Unless ... any of you would care to join?

Oh, don't go there, Padfoot. I am not making puppydog eyes.

But if you, any of you, want to join the group, let me know.

(Still no puppydog eyes.)

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